How to Join

You can be a guest (SFSS member or community member) for as long as you wish, but when you decide to join our Toastmaster’s International organization, there are some costs to membership. The costs to joining our club are as follows:

New members: $80 (covers new membership kit and membership for 6 months)

Returning and renewing members: $40 (for 6 months) OR $70 (for 1 year).

Both rates are paid at the end of September or March, whichever is sooner.

With the New Membership Kit, you receive a kit that contains all the material needed to be a Toastmasters member including: Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals, general orientation materials, and helpful booklets on evaluation, using gestures and vocal variety. Additionally being a Toastmaster member makes you eligible to join as a club executive, helping other members become more confident public speakers.

With membership fee, you receive a monthly toastmasters magazine that will give you tips in communications and leadership. Your membership fee will also be used to pay for fees to Toastmasters International, and any fees we incure as an official Toastmaster’s International organization.


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